Leave so far: I’m still here and I’m a feminist (if you hadn’t realised already….)

Time is flying by at the moment, I am in the process of buying a house, which has taken up a lot of my life recently. We’ve viewed a LOT of houses and I have been though the pain of seeing a place I absolutely adored and could have afforded, only to see it go because we had no mortgage in principle in place (and therefore had no standing to put an offer in). Getting a mortgage in principle should be a relatively easy affair – however as a seafarer with no actual permanent contract (and with a partner who has three zero hour contracts, even though it’s me who’s going to be paying the mortgage off), getting a lender to even consider us as a viable option has been a slog. Now however, we have said mortgage in principle and have had an offer on somewhere accepted… it’s not over yet, and until I have the keys in my hand nothing’s set in stone, but I am hopeful 🙂

This leave also seems to have been pretty child-centric too. My stepdaughter (OK, we’re not married, but for all intents and purposes she is that) comes to stay every other weekend and I also have my gorgeous wee Nibling to fawn over. He turns 1 soon (what on earth do you give a 1yr old for his birthday?!) which merely emphasises how fast time is flying by, it only seems like yesterday that I was visiting my sister and her newborn baby in hospital. I find it slightly strange that so many of my friends and family have now spawned… I shouldn’t of course, we are at the age now that that kind of thing is normal (dare I say expected….) but I still find myself harbouring no desire whatsoever to make one of my own. That subject will be covered further in a later post.

I have also made a tumblr. I am a feminist, and very often I am angry about feminist issues, and the wider issues that mix in with that: sexism, racism, ablism, LGBQT-phobia (is that word? Cos it probably should be) and a there’s whole lot of other marginalised groups that have a shitty time of it, all needing to be heard. Being an angry ranty feminist at my friends on facebook and twitter (who tend to be pretty cool and enlightened anyway) isn’t going to change much though. Plus, people ranting angrily often makes me less inclined to listen, (even though they’re angry for good reasons). I’m in the process of writing my own take on feminist issues. From a seafarers point of view. I can’t talk for POC, or for people with disabilities, or for the gay/bi or trans community etc. But as a woman at sea, in a culture where I, as a woman, am part of a mere 1-2% of the community, I have a few things I’d like to say. It’s a work in process right now though, and to help me sort stuff in my head into a coherent and properly written thing, I got/made a tumblr. It’s more a place for me to collate thoughts and links about stuff than a blog, I’ll still be writing on wordpress. Feel free to follow it though and throw in anything that you think I might be interested in:


There may will also be comics.



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