I sit here with a glass of cider….

…. and I’m being watched as I type this, which is really rather unnerving… my boyfriend is rather bemused as to why I desire another online outlet for my ramblings- seeing as I already have facebook, and flickr… and he’s probably right, but I’m about to set off on a 3 month voyage on the QM2 (fancy eh!?) as a deck cadet.. aka gadget, and I have family and various people who want to keep abreast of what I’m up to, many of whom refuse to darken the pages of social networking sites, plus I like a blog that looks like a blog!

So, here it is, hopefully I’ll keep this going as I progress along my newfound career, I’ve been at college since January and I’ve spent a month on the THV Patricia, a buoy tender, I’ll try to fill in the details a bit more later, but for now I’m going to chill out with my cider and worry about packing for 3 months on a ship.