Shiny new blog, same old waffle

Welcome to my shiny new page! All the posts from the last 6 years (grief it’s strange to think how long ago my journey to this point actually started!) have been lovingly moved over, and I’ve put them into categories and given them tags too. I’ve managed to get all the pre-cadetship sailing posts into the right place, so it’s now one blog instead of two. At some point I might even put a photo up as my header, but this one will do for now.

I know the font on some of the posts is a bit small, there doesn’t seem to be a font size option in the publisher, so if it’s too small, zoom the page in a bit!

I’m off back to the wilds of the South Atlantic on the 17th (my birthday 😦 ) and will be attempting to send blogs via email from time to time, so fingers crossed! Oh and I’ll be tring to knuckle down and edit a ton of photos too.

Oh and by the way, I passed my driving theory this leave!